Why Us

Why choose envirOpak?

  • ✓ We are Made In the USA.
  • ✓ Being made from High Density Polyethylen (HDPE) the SLIP-TRAY Pallet
  • is the perfect solution for sanitary shipping.
  • ✓ Products can easily be used with common tapered forks and a push pull.
  • ✓ The four sided enable Super Sacks, Small bags and boxes.
  • ✓ The SLIP-TRAY pallets four sidewalls protect the bottom row of product.
  • ✓ Side walls help keep items from shifting which is normal with other pallets.
  • ✓ Eliminates splintered wood contamination.

✓ Reuse over and over, many more times than wood.
Wood vs. Slip Tray